Why would you do a full day elopement?

Some people think of elopements as 1 or 2-hour photoshoots where the photographer takes some photos during the ceremony and then some more photos with a beautiful view afterwards. However, personally I see elopements as full day celebrations that deserve as much time and attention as traditional weddings. Can you think of someone who has a traditional wedding, but only books a photographer for 1 hour of the whole event? Probably not! I'm sure they would like to have memories from the entire day.

So why should an elopement day be any different? An elopement is not just a quick photoshoot! It's your wedding day and it deserves to be memorable and celebrated fully. You will have your wedding anniversary every year for the rest of your life and every year you will think about the day you got married - so I would imagine that most people would prefer to have a memory of the perfect day where they got to live out their dreams rather than a quick photoshoot :) Full day elopements are definitely not for everyone, but they are rapidly gaining popularity.

Here are some examples of what you can do during an a full day elopement:

  • Start the morning by getting ready at your accommodation and I will be there to document these moments of excitement and anticipation
  • Then you could have a 'first look' - when you and your partner see each other for the first time in your wedding attire! These are moments of pure joy
  • After 'first look' you could have the ceremony of your dreams: fly in a helicopter to a remote secret ice cave, hike on an ancient glacier, get married next to a waterfall, at a beach or a mountain top. The options are unlimited!
  • After the ceremony you could explore more stunning locations and do something fun! Picnic? Private chef? Maybe even jump into a natural hot spring?
  • And in the evening we could do another photoshoot with the Northern Lights, the stars or a campfire.

Would you like to have a day like this documented and then relive it whenever you like by looking at your beautiful and happy photos? :)